25 th February 2021 :: Beta Test Delayed
As you probably already know, Dune Generations has gone alpha since last November. This means that about a hundred players have been testing the game in order to improve it, in preparation for the beta.

Unlike most of the actual online games, Dune Generations offers a truly persistent world; even when you disconnect, the game goes on. This results in a great complexity and implies that a lot of adjustments are necessary before we open the game for a real beta.

The alpha is now coming to an end. The test has allowed us to identify many aspects of the game that still need work. One example is the interfaces, which many players have found to be hard to understand and to use. Redoing these interfaces will require several weeks; therefore, we have decided to delay the opening of the beta until this problem is fixed, in order to provide beta testers with interfaces that are closer to the ones we will use in the final version.

However, we will need more testers for the last phase of the alpha. Some of the players who have registered to become beta testers will receive an invitation to join the alpha in the coming weeks.

Many thanks to all of you for your patience and support!

21 th January 2021 :: New screenshots

nouveaux screenshots
nouveaux screenshots nouveaux screenshots nouveaux screenshots nouveaux screenshots nouveaux screenshots

15 November 2020 : New Forums !

We are pleased to be able to announce our new Forums. A full set of functions is provided, such as personalization of messages, user profiles, search of archives, etc.
There are two sections, in English and in French:
- The "General Forum" allows you to express yourself on all subjects relating to Dune Generations.
- The "Development Forum" is more specifically reserved for discussions on game design and questions addressed to the Development Team.

Note ! Even if you were already registered in the old forums, to access the New Forums you must re-register.
The old forums are still accessible to consult posted messages, but you can no longer answer them there directly.
To access the archives of the old forums, click here.

10 October 2020 :: Beta test !

Subscription to the Dune generations Beta test is now available. The Beta version will only be in English. The number of beta testers might be limited, so sign-up now !

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